It is the hope of Investor Protector that each investor visiting this site will take a moment to leave important information about their investments as well as their broker/ advisor and brokerage firm.

Investment firms and their broker/ advisors work under two different types of customer care: SUITABILITY and or as A FIDUCIARY.

1.  A FIDUCIARY: a broker/ advisor that charges a percentage fee based on assets under management and does not collect any other hidden commissions. This broker-client relationship is based upon best advise given and all information concerning any investment or investment strategy MUST BE FULLY DISCLOSED.

2.  SUITABILITY: a broker/ advisor that works under suitability standards DOES NOT HAVE TO FULLY DISCLOSE any and all information concerning an investment or investment strategy and may use his or her own judgement as to whether and investment is suitable for a client based on laxed standards of financial net worth, investment time frame, investment goals or prior experience.

3.  Many firms try to play both sides of the street with investors by claiming to do their business as a fiduciary, but transacting their business under suitability. This type of deception allows the investment firm to charge a management fee to their clients and at the same time continue to collect all the hidden commissions associated with selling certain financial products.

4.  Please understand that there are broker/ advisors that consistently steer their customers toward high commission investments. Unfortunately many investments have hidden commissions, hidden mark ups, high management fees or trailing fees associated with them.

5.  Broker/ advisors are trained in how to steer you toward these high commission investments and they are also trained in how to protect themself and their brokerage firm.  Be aware of the salesmanship tactics they are using. Whether or not your broker/ advisor is truthful in describing an investment product or strategy, once you are handed that thick prospectus (which they know no one has the time to read ) they become liability free.

6.  One last thing to always remember.  Whether you believe your broker/ advisor to be trust worthy or a friend, when there are hard earned dollars involved you must see your relationship as nothing more than a business relationship. Please don’t get caught off guard.

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