F.I.N.R.A. logoMany brokers claim to possess certain expertise in order to separate themselves from their competition.  As an investor please do not be deceived by fancy business cards or impressive offices. Every broker/advisor must take certain tests in order to earn designated certifications.

These certifications can be easily confirmed by  checking the F.I.N.R.A. website.  Just click on to Broker Check to look up your prospective broker/advisor.  Always remember, just because someone has a certified expertise doesn’t always mean they are an expert.  It just means they have passed an exam. Please don’t ever forget one important point : these brokers/ advisors are first and foremost sales people and that is where their expertise lies.

Things to Consider About Your Investment Advisor

  1. If your broker/advisor has made a false claim concerning an expertise or certification please contact Investor Protector immediately.
  2. While on the F.I.N.R.A website in the Broker Check section always check to see if your broker/advisor has had any complaints against them.  Also check to see if the firm they are associated with has complaints against them.
  3. Dealing with large national firms is not necessarily your safest option.  You will notice on Broker Check that these large firms have large numbers of complaints against them at all times.  Please always be aware that these large firms are experts at training their brokers/advisors in the art of sales and protecting their firm.  That can mean in many instances that the firm’s goals are far different from yours.
  4. Please let Investor Protector know what are the most recent recommendations from your broker/advisor.
  5. Always ask yourself a simple question when receiving a recommendation:  Does this really benefit me more than my broker/advisor?
  6. Is your broker/advisor investing his or her own money in the same investments that are being recommended to you?
  7. Are the recommendations you are receiving worth the money you are paying?
  8. Can you make the same investments on your own using a discount brokerage firm?