So you would like to know how these brokerage firms make their money. Short answer is by getting you to open an account. Large brokerage firms know so many ways to make money off of your hard earned life’s work. Here are some examples of how large brokerage firms earn fees.

1. The most obvious is by charging commissions on trades. Please always be aware that it is in your brokers best interest to be recommending investments and investment strategies to generate commissions for the firm. As an investor you must always be aware of your broker’s motives and remember all commissions are negotiable.Continue Reading

Many brokers claim to possess certain expertise in order to separate themselves from their competition. As an investor please do not be deceived by fancy business cards or impressive offices. Every broker/ advisor must take certain tests in order to earn designated certifications.Continue Reading
Investor Protector is fortunate in having a distinguished veteran of the securities industry as an advisor. He has agreed to contribute on a periodic basis in hopes that more industry veterans will assist with their knowledge to level the playing field for investors. The securities industry offers it’s brokers/advisors an array of investment products that are great for the industry bottom line, but may not necessarily be the best thing for the investor. Listed below are a few high commission investments that investors should be cautious about.Continue Reading
It is the hope of Investor Protector that each investor visiting this site will take a moment to leave important information about their investments as well as their broker/ advisor and brokerage firm.

Investment firms and their broker/ advisors work under two different types of customer care: SUITABILITY and or as A FIDUCIARY.Continue Reading