When you finally figure out that you have a problem with your broker/ advisor it is quite often too late to be helped. Most brokerage firms are well prepared and well equipped to deal with customer complaints. No individual investor can compete with the large and extremely influential brokerage firms.

Generally, when investors find out they have a problem with their broker/ advisor their first complaint is made to the manager of the firm. The manager, who is a colleague of the broker/ advisor, will generally try to passify you while at the same time notify their corporate main office. This begins a silent chain of false documentation that will make it nearly impossible for you to prevail against these firms. Most persistant complaints finally make it to the company’s corporate compliance department, it is at this point the corporate legal wheels are put into motion.

If you make any type of complaint, whether made VERBALLY or in WRITING, you must make sure you receive a written response from the firm for your personal file. You can be assured you will generally not like the answer that you receive, but you have to document all complaints.  All complaint Letters must always be sent to:

1.  Your broker/ advisor
2.  The manager of the firm
3.  The head of corporate compliance
4.  Investor Protector

You must always keep copies of your complaints in case the brokerage firm some how ” misplaces their paper work.” If the problem becomes large enough you must contact the government regulators. Below you will be supplied with the necessary government contact information, but BE AWARE, this is for documentation purposes only. These agencies are NOT THERE TO HELP YOU. Securities regulators are nothing more than the eyes and ears for F.I.N.R.A. and they will not assist you in recovering your money or discipline the offending broker/ advisor. The only way to be made whole is unfortunately through the F.I.N.R.A. arbitration process. Once formal complaints are filed with these government agencies it is important that you have no further communications with them, the offending broker/ advisor or the brokerage firm.

Please contact Investor Protector at info@investorprotector.org for key advice and instructions on how to file a complaint with these government agencies.

sec_logoThe United States Securities and Exchange Commission
Attn: Robert T. Greene
100 F Street N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20549

Office of Investor Advocacy
e-mail: greener@sec.gov
finraF.I.N.R.A. ( formerly N.A.S.D. )
1735 K Street
Washington, D. C. 20006
Ph: 1-301-590-6500
F.I.N.R.A. Broker Check
Ph: 1-800-289-9999
State Dept. of Financial Service Regulators
Contact: www.nasaa.org
Ph: 202-737-0900
Fax: 202-783-3571