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31 year member, multiple membership owner and stock holder of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. ( CME ) Educating investors, public officials and State and federal law enforcement about the financial pitfalls caused by deceptive practices commonly used by many brokerage firms, their lawyers and registered representatives as well as our supposed securities regulators. Also, we are investigating, documenting and exposing the corruption and lawyer collusion within the mandatory FINRA arbitration system.

Are You Protected?

Would you have surgery performed by a doctor who doesn’t carry malpractice insurance?  Would you go up in a plane with an unlicensed pilot at the controls? The answer is obvious, of course you wouldn’t.  But did you know that when you invest your funds without doing proper research you are at risk for more […]

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Investors Beware!

Here are three recent articles to shine a light on the brokerage industry.

NBA star Tim Duncan sues his financial adviser (Investment News)
Retirement: Are you being ripped off? (CNN/Money)
Consumer Groups Ask Finra To Increase Arbitration Transparency (Financial Advisor)


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