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The Wyatt Family

Our Story

Ladies and gentlemen, twice in recent years my wife and I have suffered large financial losses arising from deceptive unauthorized activity in our retail securities accounts, including one at the hands of a very large Florida-based firm.

In seeking redress, both through the mandatory F.I.N.R.A. arbitration process and through their state and federal regulators, we encountered character assassinations, falsified and forged documents, lying under oath, forced settlements based on threats of  legal and financial retaliation, unpaid and seemingly unenforceable settlements and indifferent regulators. We have also learned that we are far from the only brokerage customers to have received such treatment.

Incident #1

Our first case went to a day-long arbitration hearing that featured pages of blatantly falsified and forged documents, outrageous disclosures made by panel members during introductions, along with countless untruths made under oath, including the testimony of someone we had never seen before who claimed to be the very same branch manager we had met with to discuss our concerns and complaints.

Yet despite the strength of our evidence and effectiveness of our attorney’s cross-examination, we were forced to except a highly unsatisfactory settlement on our attorney’s advice that the likely outcome of the “corrupt F.I.N.R.A. arbitration process” would be an inconclusive decision followed by a vigorous effort on the part of the brokerage firm to collect tens of thousands of dollars of its attorneys’ fees from us!

Incident #2

In our second case, we were again faced with deceptive unauthorized transactions in our brokerage account, but this time my wife and I were fully prepared for all of the deceitful and deceptive practices used by brokerage firms and their lawyers to cover up their actions. Ladies and gentlemen, even though we could produce 100% indisputable proof of wrong doing and deceptive practices our state and federal regulators refused to do a thing, eventually telling us ” It is in the social best interest that we go through the F.I.N.R.A. arbitration process.” Once again their lack of action left us to be victimized by threats and three years of accepted stalling tactics. We were never allowed to see one page of discovery and three separate F.I.N.R.A. arbitration hearings were cancelled at the last moment without explanation. We were never allowed an arbitration hearing because the evidence we possessed would have certainly entitled us to punitive damages. One final note, after all we were put through we still only recovered 90% of what we were owed.

Following our first outrageous experience, we sought to bring the facts, including the facts surrounding the F.I.N.R.A. arbitration hearing, to the attention of regulatory and law enforcement authorities from the S.E.C. and local U.S. attorney to the F.B.I. and Florida state securities regulator, where we could get someone’s attention. We offered to meet, delivered written documentation including a professional handwriting analysis, offered to testify under oath and even take a polygraph test. But despite assurances from staffers at both the S.E.C. and the Florida state securities regulator that investigations were underway, when we later pressed for the results of their investigations little or nothing was ever produced. In short, the system designed to protect ordinary citizens from sharp and deceptive practices in the financial services industry failed at every level.

Sadly, we know we are not alone, either in our shabby treatment by the securities industry or our even shabbier treatment by its supposed watchdogs. Since our experiences and because of this website, we have learned of other people with stories similiar to our own, often with similar financial consequences to those we have suffered. Even more sad, we have learned through our extensive investigations that this is an unchallenged system of corruption bought and paid for by the securities industry and dispensed to “We The People” by our politicians.

We are offering this website to the public for the main purpose of educating the public investor about the pitfalls and deceptive practices commonly used by many brokerage firms, their lawyers and registered representatives as well as our supposed securities regulators with the hope that no other family has to experience what we have dealt with. Please read this site carefully and take seriously the advice that is offered, especially the section called  “Steps To Protect Yourself.” Please think twice if you believe you are too smart to become a victim of securities fraud.

Our Mission

To educate all investors about the securities industry as well as all insurance and financial service providers and supply each person with the necessary awareness and tools to protect their life’s work.

Our Vision

To form a nationwide network of educated investors, using one common site to access and dispense vital information about the securities industry, broker dealers and their registered representatives and the products and services they offer in order to level the playing field.