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This website is designed with the hope and intention to level the playing field between the public investor and the highly sophisticated investment and brokerage industry. It is the aspiration of all to live the American Dream. Be successful in your life’s work, save your hard earned money, so one day you can live a comfortable retired life. For most Americans that means TRUSTING an investment firm and representatives of that firm with your assets. Believing that the information that is dispensed to you is TRUTHFUL AND ACCURATE is a part of that trust. Assuming that the employees of the firm possess the HIGHEST ETHICAL STANDARDS and are acting in YOUR BEST INTEREST and not their own is also part of that trust.

Unfortunately, if you were to do some investigating, as we have, you will find out that there are many complaints against brokerage firms and their representatives. If you were to become a victim of fraud, you would very quickly find out how these investment and brokerage firms as well as their representatives protect themselves with a SELF-DESIGNED JUSTICE SYSTEM guaranteeing their damage control and the victim’s silence. You would also find out that the securities regulators are nothing more than window dressing to give the investing public the impression that someone is looking out for them. Over the last several years we have seen the near collapse of our entire financial system, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and M.F. Global, Goldman Sachs’ toxic mortgage securities and the Libor scandal. What ” We The People ” have not seen is one single trial or conviction of those responsible. These large financial stories are only surface evidence of a rot that goes to the system’s very core. It is for this reason that Investor Protector was formed.

Please use the information on this site to educate yourself about investment firms and the representatives of their firms. Read and understand how these firms and representatives make their money and how they protect themselves. Most importantly learn how you as the investor can protect yourself and Level The Playing Field.

Please feel free to interact with this website. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Your personal experiences with investment and brokerage firms along with their registered representatives will prove invaluable in forming a nationwide network of educated and informed investors.  The securities industry has formed the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) under the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) supposedly to insure correct information and investor protection through industry regulation. Unfortunately, there appears to be many flaws and biases which impair the public investor’s welfare in this process. It is the hope of Investor Protector to form a nationwide association of educated and informed investors. Fraud can only continue to occur if good people do nothing to stop it. The investing public must look out for one another in order to level the playing field.

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